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TEEN martial arts

Life is challenging

Being a teenager is challenging. They are starting to know who they are and dealing with peer pressure. As parent you want to be supportive and understanding. But you still need your teen to have a positive attitude, do the things that are needed and offer you the respect you have earned.

tools for success

Martial arts training promotes positive thinking, family values and the importance of respect. It gives your teen the tools to perform well in school and other activities while avoiding the trappings that can come with being a teen. Plus, being surrounded by other goal oriented teens is just the atmosphere that develops life long habits.

start your teen today

Our team leads by example to inspire your teen to rise to the challenges that confront them each day.  Have your teen join us today with our QUICK START course.  This trial course includes 1 month of classes and a FREE student uniform. Get it all for only $49 and experience all the benefits martial arts training has to offer your teenager.


Monday and Wednesday at 6:20-7:20 pm

MAKE UP CLASS: Friday at 6:20-7:20 pm