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Jim Ginter

Jim has been a life long martial artist, beginning at the age of 8.
He has been a professional studio owner since 1986 at the age of 19. A former Minnesota Taekwondo Team member, he proudly represented his state in national competition until he and his family moved to Flagstaff and opened Maximum Martial Arts in 1998. . As a 6th Dan Black Belt under Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Jim is the Regional Southwest Director of the Superfoot System and sits on the senior board of directors.  A certified Krav Maga black belt Instructor under John Whitman (Krav Maga Alliance) and the Regional Training Center for Tactical Krav Maga, Jim is confident that he and his team can provide you with quality and service you are looking for in a professional martial arts/fitness center.

Conny Ginter

In addition to being co-founder and school manager, Conny is a certified Health Coach professional, which allows her to share her passion of wellness for our community on and off the mat. 

Shelby Patton

Shelby is a 1st Dan Black Belt and certified Krav Maga instructor who can be seen on the mat teaching anyone from a 4 year old "Lil' Dragon" to a Kickboxing or Krav Maga member. In addition, Shelby also is our front desk manager at Maximum Martial Arts and is usually the first friendly face you will see upon entering the studio. As a student at CCC, Shelby has the aspiration of working in the field of book editing.

Dylan Langan

Dylan is one of our children's program lead instructors as well as an adult martial arts trainer. Dylan has been training for over 8 years and is currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt. As a recent graduate of Coconino High, he is now starting his path to higher education at NAU. He is also a certified personal trainer and can be seen at Maximum as well as around Flagstaff training clients.

Cameron Jameson

Cameron is also one of our talented children's program instructors. As a 3rd Dan Black Belt he has been training for over 10 years and teaching for over 5. In addition, he is also one of our Adult Martial Arts instructors as well. Cameron is currently attending Coconino Community College and is growing his very own magic entertainment business.

Ruben Garcia

As a certified Krav Maga instructor, Ruben is passionate about sharing his knowledge of self defense tactics and fitness with our members. When not at Maximum, Ruben keeps busy with his management position at La Fonda Mexican Restaurant here in Flagstaff.

Luis Velasco

Luis is also a certified Krav Maga instructor who always offers an enthusiastic and energetic workout for our KM members. He is also a talented Hip-Hop dancer with dreams of working in law enforcement.

Sam Doha

In addition to being a 2nd Dan Black Belt, Sam is also a popular Fitness Kickboxing and Krav Maga instructor who always gives our members a very challenging workout. Sam and his family are also the proud owners of Majestic Maketplace here in Flagstaff.

Rene Horne

Rene is one of our Fitness Kickboxing trainers who also enjoys training in Kav Maga. An active athlete and mother who can be found competing in other sports and spending quality time with her family.

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