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The Ginter Family

Maximum Martial Arts has been owned and operated by the Ginter Family (Jim, Conny, Jocelyn and Kianna) since 1998 and has instructed thousands and promoted over 200 black belts into our community. It is their mission to provide our community with the highest quality martial arts, that enhances one's physical, mental and emotional well being, while providing superb customer service within a family friendly atmosphere.

Jim Ginter
Founder, Master Instructor, 7th Dan

Jim has been a life long martial artist, starting at the age of 8 and opening his first studio at 19. A former Minnesota Taekwondo team member, he proudly represented his state in national competition until he and his family moved to Flagstaff and opened Maximum Martial Arts in 1998. As a 7th dan black belt under  Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, and a certified Krav Maga black belt instructor under John Whitman of the Krav Maga Alliance he is confident that he and his team can provide you with the service you are looking for in a professional martial arts training facility.


Our Dedicated Team Ready To Serve you


Kianna Ginter
Martial Arts / Parkour Instructor


Shelby Patton
Martial Arts /Krav Maga / Fintness Kickboxing Instructor


Sam Doha
Krav Maga / Fitness Kickboxing Instructor


Cameron Jameson
Martial Arts / Fitness Kickboxing Instructor


Dylan Langan
Martial Arts Instructor


Luis Velasco
Krav Maga Instructor


Rene Horne
Fitness Kickboxing Instructor

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