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(FOR AGES 7-12)


How important is the success of your child? Would the development of a positive self image and improved self discipline change your child for the better?



Parents partner with us because we give their children the tools to be successful in life. Knowing that your child has the self discipline to stay on task and achieve goals as well as owning an image of self confidence that not only sets them up for success but also resists peer pressure and bullying is priceless!


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Our certified instructors provide a safe haven for children to develop themselves in a positive manner alongside other children with the same goals. Each and every class is specifically designed to give your child the skills and confidence to carry themselves through life as a champion.

Are ready to to take the next step and see what we can do for your child?  

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"Our daughter, Angela, like every student, is welcomed into an extended family of completely qualified staff dedicated to instructing detailed martial arts.  Life disciplines such as respect, self control, courtesy, integrity, humility and healthy competition combined with the physical teachings of self defense, superfoot system (kickboxing) and more has given Angela the foundation for character and self confidence she'll need to approach life's challenges, and to set and reach personal goals."
- Mark and Lucille Schiltz

"I can think of few other activities for kids that combine so many positive elements; beyond building physical fitness, coordination and athletic ability, this program instills a framework of core values that build personal character, teamwork and citizenship"
- Stephen Shuster

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