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Ready for a challenge?

Our adult MMA program is not your typical "karate" class. This class is designed with the adult in mind, a well rounded and modern training program that will
not only get you into fantastic shape, but provide you the tools to feel more confident with your self protection skills.

Maximum Martial Arts is an official Superfoot-Joe Lewis Martial Arts System Regional Training Center. Combining the proven striking skills of kickboxing in combination with essential grappling defenses, this program takes a modern approach to giving our members a realistic and effective means of self protection skills. Skills that are sure to lift your confidence as you get into fantastic shape in the process. This program also allows our members to achieve and earn their black belt in a system designed by the two most respected American martial arts legends, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Joe Lewis.

So, if you are ready for challenge, this IS your program!



Monday & Wednesday's from 6:20-7:20 pm

NOTE: Fitness Kickboxing classes are included for FREE with enrollment in this program.

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